Car Loan Philippines

If you want to purchase a car but don’t have enough money to get the vehicle of your dreams, car financing Philippines may be a real help. Aside from moderate interest rates, the lenders offer flexible repayment conditions. Read on to learn more about how to get money and buy a car you have been dreaming about.

  • Loan amount 1.000 - 25.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,49% per day
  • Term 30 - 180 days
  • Loan amount 500 - 30.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 3,49% per day
  • Term 91 - 120 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 10.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,033 per day
  • Term 15 - 45 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 25.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,16% per day
  • Term 60 - 180 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 25.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,43% - 0,5% per day
  • Term 1 - 61 days
  • Loan amount 2.000 - 20.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 1% per day
  • Term 7 - 30 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 10.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0.27% per day
  • Term 91 - 360 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 100.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0% per day
  • Term 30 - 60 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 10.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 1% per day
  • Term 7 - 91 days
  • Loan amount 2.000 - 15.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,6% per day
  • Term 30 - 60 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 30.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,8% per day
  • Term 61 - 360 days
  • Loan amount 3.000 - 12.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,2% per day
  • Term 7 - 28 days
  • Loan amount 2.000 - 25.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 0,8% per day
  • Term 7 - 30 days
  • Loan amount 1.000 - 10.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 1% per day
  • Term 91 - 180 days
  • Loan amount 10.000 - 100.000 PHP
  • Interest rate 1,35% per day
  • Term 180 - 365 days

Why to Apply for the Best Car Loan Philippines

Today, many Filipino financial organizations are competing with each other to offer their car loan Philippines. When choosing the type of cash advance, you should take into account several nuances and pitfalls. First off, these are user convenience and credit conditions. There is still a category of people in the Philippines who refuses to trust the β€œInternet” and prefers to do all their daily activities offline. So, if there is a need for money, they are more likely to turn to a bank or take an express cash advance in one of the branches of cashalo loan.

As a rule, such people don’t even think about the fact that used car loan Philippines can be obtained much faster and easier. Every year the number of Filipinos who have appreciated all the delights of conducting transactions on the Internet is growing. They are mainly attracted by the speed of service, round-the-clock work schedule, and the lack of the need to be present in person. All you need is a minimal list of documents and about 15 minutes of free time.

Advantages of car financing Philippines

Car lending in the Philippines has a slew of advantages:

  • High speed of service. You can get money as soon as one business day.
  • Reliability. The customer data is protected by the latest software. The majority of lending companies in the Philippines follow the international standards for data security of PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 payment cards and have the appropriate certificates.
  • Simplicity. The procedure for receiving money in the service is convenient and clear. All you need is to fill out the application and wait for a response.
  • Accessibility. The lender can approve the cheapest car loan Philippines without permanent work. Also, they provide their services for students, retirees, and even customers with a spoiled credit history.
  • Minimum documents. All you need to get a cash advance is an ID document, an income statement, and proof of residence.
  • Transparency. The interest rate is indicated immediately in the application and it is fixed. The reputable lending institutions have no hidden fees or additional fees.
  • Fast application processing. The decision takes no more than 20 minutes.
  • Ability to qualify for borrowing whenever you want. Our system works 24/7. You can apply for a loan at any time.
  • Instant enrollment. After approval of the application, the money is transferred to the card in a few seconds.


The borrower should meet certain requirements to get successfully approved for the best car loan Philippines:

  • The applicant should be at least 18 years old.
  • It is necessary to provide an income statement, ID document, and residence list.
  • A car loan implies an applicant earning at least PHP 5000 each month.
  • The client should provide valid contact data and indicate the place of work.

Terms and Condition

If you want to find out how much you will need to repay during a certain period, you can use the car loan calculator Philippines. It is available almost on every website of a lending institution.

Interest is accrued on the balance of the issued pesoagad body for each day of actual use of the loan. The date of issue is included in the interest calculation period, but the day of loan repayment is not included. Provided that the day of issue and the day of repayment of the loan coincide, interest is accrued in one day. The following interest rates are provided for using the loan: the interest rate calculated according to the loyalty program and the base interest rate. The size of the interest rate depends on the level of customer loyalty and other things, such as credit scores and terms of repayment. The borrower can extend the lensing term by paying the interest for using the loan.

It is worth mentioning that some lenders have additional fees for their services and penalty fees for early/late repayment. Carefully learn all the terms and conditions of the company before signing the agreement.


Purchasing a car is a relatively complicated process. But what if you lack some money to buy a particular model? Then car financing Philippines will be a real help. Even if you have a bad credit history, it is still possible to approach a reliable lending company. However, it is still recommended to research a market and carefully choose a lender to work with.

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