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This policy regulates cooperation between the user and owner of the site. The best online lending in the Philippines provides information and consultation services. This policy might be changed at any time and the user will be informed about the updates before they come into effect.

Personal Data Collection

By engaging with this site the user agrees to provide personal data for processing. It shall be used for the purposes of delivering proper financial services. The data collected on the site is used for internal purposes only. All the information on the client is stored on the server and shall not be disclosed to any third parties. The client agrees to follow the rules described in this policy.

Cookies Collection

The website collects the cookies of all users. The user receives a notification the first time they enter the platform. By agreeing to cookie collection ones, the site continues to send cookies to the client’s browser. At any moment the client may refuse to accept the cookies and switch to the corresponding settings of the browser. In case the cookies are not allowed, some sections of the website might not function properly.

Log In Journal Data

The site collects the log-in records of every client. Such information is stored on a server and used for analysis performed with the help of additional software.


The site operates under the protection of firewalls and SSL certificates. It does not promote illegal activities and does not engage with suspicious marketing companies. Personal data of every user of the site is never disclosed to third parties unless it is a subject of official governmental or law enforcement bodies investigation.


What are the perks of this site?

The site provides information, consultation, and financial services. It is a safe and reliable way to make an educated choice on loan. It compares all possible options and presents the list of pros and cons of every company while protecting the identity of the client.

How is my information on the site protected?

The client is not required to register to get a piece of information. It is possible to read the policies and articles without giving away any personal information.

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