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If you are looking for a way to purchase something on a budget without having to pay in full, UnaPay can help. This loan app has made the process of borrowing funds easy. Just fill in a short registration form and add your Philippine charge card. Be sure to fill out the questionnaire properly because inaccuracies may result in your application being rejected. Once you have submitted your data, wait a few minutes to see if your credit application has been approved. When you do, consent to the terms and conditions of the loan deal and Unapay will send the bucks to your charge card. Once this has been confirmed, you will be sent a copy of the agreement via email.


The UnaPay loan app offers a number of advantages over other traditional finance options. It does not require credit cards or a bank account, and the interest rate is typically between three and 10 percent per month, depending on the user’s credit score. Users can borrow from two thousand to fifty thousand pesos with UnaPay, and there are no extra fees for processing, maintenance, or prepayment. However, late fees may apply if the unapay cash loan is not paid in full or on time.

The UnaPay loan app is operated by Singapore-based Robocash Group, a fintech firm focused on consumer lending and marketplace funding. To qualify, individuals must be 18 years of age and have a valid email address and phone number. Additionally, they must have a social security number. This way, UnaPay can verify the legitimacy of a user’s information. If the information provided is not correct, UnaPay will decline the request.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    2.000 - 50.000 PHP
  • Interest rate
    0,1% per day
  • Term
    30 - 180 days
  • Age

UnaPay is a trusted company in the Philippines. It is a fully licensed company and has passed all regulatory and licensing requirements. The loan app also allows users to pay for purchases with their Lazada Wallet. UnaPay is currently available only in Lazada, but is planning to integrate with more online stores. UnaPay operates legally and does not make use of any illegal practices. To get started, download the UnaPay app and register for an account.

Buy Now Pay Later

If you’re looking for an installment plan, Buy Now Pay Later with the Unapay loan app Philippines may be just what you need. With over five million users and over one million downloads, this mobile loan app is a great option for making payments on items you want. You can purchase a gadget, TV satellite, or other electronic item, then make regular monthly payments for three months, including interest and principle.

The UnaPay loan app enables users to make purchases through the Lazada e-commerce website, and can grant them up to PHP 50,000 in virtual credit. The system inherits the ease of use of UnaPay’s predecessors, and offers fast access to finance. Approval takes five minutes, and funds are deposited into the customer’s Lazada e-wallet within 24 hours. As it grows, UnaPay aims to expand its network of merchants, with the aim to have hundreds of merchants using UnaPay by 2021.

BNPL loans are similar to credit cards, but they can also be problematic for consumers. They can give consumers a false sense of empowerment, but ultimately lead to debt. As a result, many BNPL apps offer recurring repayments and multiple BNPL accounts. This option makes BNPL loans a great option for many people who want to make more frequent purchases. It’s worth remembering that BNPL products are often not one-size-fits-all products, and that ‘true’ BNPL loans can overlap with other credit products in the Philippines.


If you’re looking to make your next online purchase, Atome, an innovative buy and pay later brand, may be just the solution for you. The app partners with thousands of merchants, allowing you to make 0% interest purchases in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and homeware categories. Repaying your loan apps Philippines is simple: you simply pay back the money in three easy installments. You can even use your phone to make payments through Atome.

When comparing various loan apps in the Philippines, always check the terms and conditions carefully. Check the interest rate, repayment schedule, and other key terms and conditions. Always be sure that the app you use has a securities and exchange commission approval. By comparing different offers, you can make the right decision for your particular situation. And don’t forget to look at the reviews before choosing. There are plenty of good ones out there, so make sure you check out Atome, UnaPay loan app Philippines to choose from.

Another noteworthy feature of UnaPay, the Philippine version of the “buy now, pay later” service, is that you can pay back the loan amount over time. The loan amount ranges from 2,000 PHP to 30,000 PHP and is repaid over a period of up to six months. It is also available to UnaFinancial customers, giving them access to early access to funds. It also allows its customers to avail of salary loans and will also cover the accrued interest.


The UnaPay loan app is now available in the Philippines. Users must be at least 18 years old and of Philippine nationality to avail of its loan service. The loan app accepts several forms of payment, including bank transfer, GCash, and seven-Eleven payment centers. UnaPay can also be used to avail installment plans that do not require credit cards. Once the application has been approved, UnaPay will transfer the money to your Lazada wallet.

With the UnaPay loan app Philippines on Lazada, users can pay for items they purchase online or offline in installments. The repayment period is up to six months, and users can choose to pay it in twelve installments every two weeks. To avail of this service, users can apply for virtual credit in the amount of PHP 30,000 and pay it back with a single payment over a period of up to twelve months.

The Unapay loan app Philippines on LazaDa also enables users to apply for multiple loans at a time. Users can apply for multiple loans at a time, or just one loan from each lender. They can also avail of 0% interest-free loans if they are first-time users. After that, they can avail of normal interest rates that range from two to four percent. Processing fees are not included in the loan amount.

Home Credit Philippines

The Unapay Loan App for Home Credit Philippines is one of the most convenient ways to obtain credit. It allows customers to borrow up to USD 600 over 1 to 6 months, and pay it back online or offline every two weeks. It has partnered with six of the biggest banks in the country and is soon to accept online repayments and recurring payments. To get started, just visit a participating store, complete the application form, and wait for the approval.

The Unapay Loan App is especially useful for customers with bad credit history. It allows customers to get a loan without making any deposits or paying any other fees or taxes. It can provide instant cash, so there’s no need to worry about a late fee or missed payment. Additionally, it doesn’t require borrowers to visit the company’s office to complete the application process. It also does not require a credit check, so you can shop online without any worries.

Another loan app for home credit is My Home Credit, which is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in the Philippines, China, and Vietnam. It offers loans up to P150,000 that can be used for personal or business expenses. Customers can use their Unapay Loan App for Home Credit Philippines for any need, including paying bills. However, there is a P500 processing fee, and late fees can be applied to late payments.


You can use the TendoPay UnaPay loan app to borrow money from various financial institutions. The app also allows you to manage your profile and choose what loan options are available to you. You can also read the announcements and choose which loan arrangements suit your needs the best. However, you must keep in mind that some loan apps require that you submit your government ID to verify your identity. It is therefore important to keep your phone volume high to avoid missing calls from the loan company.

The company behind TendoPay is Templetech Finance Corp., a company licensed and authorized to give installment loans to Filipino citizens. TendoPay employs data security practices, including SSL encryption and non-disclosure agreements, just like any other bank. The application is accepted in 7-Eleven stores and online. It also supports payments through the Shopify platform. Users can make payments for their purchases over a period of two to 24 months.

You can track the payment history and get notifications on rejections. It is also important to note that the U-team is able to adjust the timetable of installment loans. If you’re unable to pay, the company will resort to using a third-party collection agency to collect your outstanding balance. If you’re unable to make payments on time, this can negatively impact your credit history, making it difficult to secure another loan with any financing platform. But overall, the TendoPay UnaPay loan app Philippines reviews are positive and overwhelmingly positive.

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