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Minimum Wage in the Philippines

Last Updated 27.05.2024

Filipino workers are protected by a set of laws. Employers are required by minimum wage law to pay their employees a certain amount each day. However, how much is the Philippines’ minimum wage in 2022?

The minimum wage legislation in the Philippines does not specify a single figure. Instead, the government sets minimum wages that vary by sector and even by geographic region.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Philippines’ minimum wage in 2022 today. After reading this post, you should be well-versed in the laws of the Philippines and be prepared to reject any employment offer that is less than the minimum salary of 2022.

Average Salary in Philippines 2022

Pay in the Philippines ranges from 11,000 PHP to 200,000 PHP per month, depending on the occupation. The lowest average monthly pay in the Philippines is about 11,300 PHP, while the highest average monthly salary is over 199,000 PHP. However, the average monthly wage in the Philippines is around 45,000 PHP. However, salaries for various occupations might certainly vary.

Average Salary Based on the Job or Industry in 2022

It’s crucial to remember that the average wage in the Philippines varies widely depending on the industry in which you work. Employees in the business sector make far more money than unskilled workers, which is to be expected. In addition, employees in the upper echelons of a company earn more money than those in the lower echelons. Given the kind of employment and industry, one is in, the Philippines’ average income varies in relation to this. For instance, a Market Manager can earn up to 671,865 annually while a Human Resources Assistant’s minimum wage is 175,079 PHP per year. As to other jobs, the salaries look as follows:

Job Annual salary
Real Estate Agent 564,419 PHP
Inside Sales Representative 432,114 PHP
Software Engineer 389,874 PHP
Customer Service Representative 244,072 PHP
Call Center Agent 198,093 PHP

What is a Reasonable Salary in 2022 for the Philippines?

No matter where you work or what industry you work in, the more experience you have, the more money you make. When it comes to beginning salaries in the Philippines, those with two to five years of experience typically earn 32 percent more per person than those with less than two years of experience.

A Filipino worker with more than five years’ experience makes 36% more per month than a worker with just two to five years experience.

It takes 10 years for the average Filipino wage to rise by 21 percent as the hierarchy expands. As a result, in the Philippines, workers who have worked for fifteen years or more are eligible for a 10% raise on their average income.


Typical Salary in the Philippines Based on the Level of Education

As with any income in the world, an individual’s basic salary in the Philippines fluctuates depending on educational attainment. If you’re just out of high school in the Philippines, you can expect to earn around 17% less than someone who has a college degree or some kind of certificate or credential. In the Philippines, someone with a certificate or diploma earns 24% less than someone with a bachelor’s degree. According to the educational hierarchy, master’s degree holders typically earn 29 percent more than bachelor’s degree holders, according to data. A Ph.D. is the pinnacle of academic achievement. People with doctoral degrees earn 23% more than those with master’s degrees in the Philippines.

Average Salary Based on the Location

The job location also influences the amount you earn. The highest salary is in Quezon City (54,100 PHP), while the lowest is in Dasmarinas (42,700 PHP). Other places offer the following wages:

Place Annual salary
Manila 53,200 PHP
Davao 52,500 PHP
Kalookan 51,500 PHP
Cebu 50,600 PHP
Taguig 49,900 PHP
Antipolo 48,900 PHP
Cagayan de Oro 47,300 PHP
Las Pinas 44,700 PHP
Makati 43,800 PHP

What is the Typical Hourly Wage in the Philippines?

For each area, the minimum wage is set by a regional labor board that represents the whole country. The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards are the official names for this system. A Regional Director of the Department of Labor and Employment sits on the board of directors (DOLE).

The National Economic and Development Authority’s regional directors sit on this board as well. The Department of Trade and Industry is also represented. Representatives from employers’ and workers’ groups are also present.

A decision is taken once all of these people meet. Paghiram also endorses this resolution. The President of the Philippines will sign these suggestions into law once they have been examined. This is the job of the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC).

The minimum daily wage in 2022 was between 316 PHP and 537 PHP, depending on the region. However, an approximate estimate of 260 PHP is used to calculate the Philippines minimum wage per hour.

The minimum wage is only a safety net for everyone who begins to earn. Defending against exploitation is made much easier thanks to it. However, it will not be enough to keep up with your ever-increasing, inescapable costs.

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